Your diet is a bank account, Good food choices are good investments. When it comes to delicious exotic food, it involves a lot of things like culinary processes, ingredients used, cooking time and algorithms, etc. May be that's why they say good food, good mood. Yummy foods just make the day. Delicious food can just float away the gloomy cloud of mind and bring a sunny delightful mood. A Long-grained rice flavoured with exotic spices such as saffron is layered with lamb, chicken, fish, or vegetables cooked in a thick gravy. The dish is then covered, its lid sealed on with dough and the biryani is cooked on a low flame. Isn't it just enough to make your salivary glands watery?

What's Biryani to you?
Food becomes tastier when it blends with perfection, emotion and love. We, I Love Keva, does not just prepare food, we make it with the blend of love. The word love synonyms with Laila and Majnu. Without Laila Majnu is incomplete, similarly the biryani is incomplete without non-veg. But have you ever thought of Biryani with Chicken and Mutton together? If the amazing idea of blending chicken and mutton in a dish makes your mouth watery. Have a visit to 'I Love Keva', one of the best multi cuisine restaurants in Bhubaneswar to tingle your taste buds.

Your mouth-savoury Laila-Majnu Biriyani is waiting for you.

Want to know the story behind the Laila-Majnu Biryani?
One day one of our culinary experts poured mutton instead of chicken in Chicken biryani. Then we tried our best to take out the mutton pieces out of the biryani, but still the succulent flavour of mutton remained in the biryani. We told the whole story and asked the customers whether they want the biryani or should we prepare another chicken biryani? As per their demand we served the chicken and mutton biryani, which was a great success for us.

Here at 'I Love Keva', an aromatic mixture of long grained rice, chicken and mutton, saffron, herbs and spices, served with Kachumber as Laila Majnu Biryani to ensure that each morsel of food, that drips down from the ladle to your plate and adds a myriad of spicy emotions to your otherwise bland sustenance.