Emotions, Flavours, Colours, Aroma; Ambience

What makes a good Multi - Cuisine Restaurant?

What's your idea of the best multi - cuisine restaurant? Is it the ambience you are looking for to schedule your next picture perfect date? Is it the subtle colours of the place that makes for a pristine business luncheon with your colleagues at? Whatever might be the occasion and however different your moods might swing, 'I Love Keva' has the perfect ambience to colour your emotions with a myriad of flavours and tasteful aromas. One of the best multi - cuisine restaurants in Bhubaneswar is always on the stove cooking your favourite dishes while you relax and enjoy a forgiving evening away from the hustle bustle of the busy BBSR roads and the stresses at work.

If you haven't heard about us already, 'I Love Keva' is a new multi - cuisine restaurant which is climbing up the ladders each day in the list of new and good multi - cuisine restaurants in the city of BBSR, one taste at a time. With cross - cultural references from three different cuisines namely, Indian, Chinese and Tandoor, the master chefs and other culinary experts at 'I Love Keva' specialize in carving out customized dishes that deliver the best of both worlds, 'Food' and 'Fine Dining'. From bit sized bites to munch on while you sit and talk to artful delicacies to slurp your emotions on, the best multi - cuisine restaurant in Bhubaneswar would definitely offer you with several experiences to tingle your taste buds about later on.

With several phases of lighting and colours to suit to your swinging moods 'I Love Keva' has ample spaces to choose from for your lunch or dinner. You may choose to enjoy a more extrovert meal under a canopy outside or munch on a more private and delicate conversation alongside the cosiness inside. It's upto you to choose from the several offerings of colours, flavours and aromas in accordance with the immediate expression of your stomach, heart and mind. You do the talking and allow us to make your fine dining experience worthwhile. What would you choose? What's your idea of the best multi - cuisine restaurant? Walk in to find out.