If there's a Culinary Heaven in Bhubaneswar, It's This! It's This! It's This!

What makes 'I Love Keva' the best multi - cuisine restaurant in Bhubaneswar?

A seventeenth century Persian poet had accompanied the then Mughal Emperor to visit the serene mountains and scintillating valleys of Kashmir, the crown jewel on the map of India. The first words that came out of his mouth were, "If there's a heaven on Earth, it's this, it's this, it's this!". Now there were numerous reasons behind his awestruck description of Kashmir, that his poetic flair was forced to be redundant enough for the establishment of his perception. Anyways we got a quote to remember him by. We are sure you would have definitely heard about us, 'I Love Keva', the new kid on the block who is striving each day to become the best multi - cuisine restaurant in Bhubaneswar.

Are you wondering what makes 'I Love Keva' the go to restaurant for your personal and professional fine - dining needs? A wide variety of choices in Ambience would be the foremost reason behind it's honorary mention in the list of good multi - cuisine restaurants in BBSR. Prefer the open air? We can arrange for your date under a canopy outside. Looking for a quiet in - house business conversation? You can choose to munch on your favourite Indian, Chinese and Tandoor starters cosily inside while the stock market bulls and bears and the hot sun glares arrogantly.

Do you know we have a banquet hall to host your gatherings and private parties too? Yes, you heard it right. You get everything you need at a single beckon of your fingers. Good restaurants in Bhubaneswar are numerous but to choose 'I Love Keva' thus has numerous reasons behind it as well. 'I Love Keva' has the perfect ambience to colour your emotions with a myriad of flavours and tasteful aromas as we have been reinstating again and again with enthusiastic redundancy. Come pay us a visit and let your poetic flair figure it out. "If there's a culinary heaven in Bhubaneswar, it's this! It's this! It's this!"