'I Love Keva' is your mouth watering, multi cuisine restaurant in Bhubaneswar, which strives throughout to create a moment of savoury, in your journey to find the most delicious tastes in town.
We consider food as an algorithm. The right mix of the ingredients at the right heat and pressure is what creates the magic.

At 'I Love Keva', our artful culinary experts ensure that each morsel of food, that drips down from the ladle to your plate, adds a myriad of spicy emotions to your otherwise bland sustenance. The 'I Love Keva' experience will tickle your taste-buds for sure.

Banquet Hall Service

Like a Private Place for a Private Gettogether? Our Banquet Hall awaits the Arrival of your Retinue

The 'I Love Keva' Banquet Hall is well decked with various services and facilities that enhance the comfort level of visitors and take care of their corporate get together and social function needs in Bhubaneswar. These facilities aim at keeping guests at the edge of their seats salivating for more.

'I Love Keva', Bhubaneswar is a featured business Restaurant for corporate meetings and social gatherings. The Restaurant can host huge gatherings and private parties as well as more intimate presentations and meeting. The venue at the Restaurant includes state of the art conference rooms with progressive facilities as well as the best banquet halls in Bhubaneswar.

At 'I Love Keva', We are ready to arrange for you, an unforgettable celebration. Our staffs will take care of all the minute details; decorate the hall, prepare all kinds of Indian, Chinese and Tandoor Cuisines, blah and blah.


'Food', the God, the Religion, the Art, The Culture

We Serve 'Fine Dining' and throw away the 'Judgmental Leftovers'

What's God for you? Be it the Holy Trinity, the One true one or the Saviour, needless to say the impersonation of 'Karma' has been agreed upon as the 'Master Key' definition for the concept of the almighty 'God'. The ancient scriptures and teachings focus on the fact that one should always be true to his or her duty, work or Karma. Are you curious as to know what's our Karma? Well if you haven't guessed it out already it's 'Food' (read FOOD). At 'I Love Keva', each one of our crew has his or her own spice to add to ensure that everyone, who walks through our gates, is served with a memorable 'Fine Dining Experience'. What follows is a lingering aftertaste that's hard to rinse away from the tips of your taste-buds.

One of the best restaurants in Bhubaneswar, 'I Love Keva', follows a strict to-the-tongue culinary regimen that not only brings out the varied flavours from varied cultures but also adds an experimental genius to your plate. By varied flavours we mean the several different cuisines that give 'I Love Keva' an honorary mention in the list of good multi-cuisine restaurants in Bhubaneswar. We might be one of the new kids on the block, but the culinary participants pulling the strings of the phenomenon, 'I Love Keva' are highly talented and experienced in churning out delicacies from the blandest of spices.

Are you looking for the one place that would tend to your personal and professional moods and colour your emotions with the choicest culinary delights? At 'I Love Keva', we value our Karma seriously. We make sure you enjoy the evening with your date far from the judgmental onlookers and culture-vulture interferers. Bring your Bosses along and we will show you the way to their good books (Trust us when we say, “the key is good food”). Tag your foodie friends along and we will make sure each one of you gets the hang of your own choice in spices and flavours. Understanding your hunger and appetite is what makes us one of the best new multi-cuisine restaurants in the town.

Neither we care about your business nor are we interested to know about your persona. All we take care of are your mouth watering desires. All we care for is our Karma, our Religion, our Art, our Culture, our God, 'Food'.

Food, Taste, Flavour, Culinary process

What makes a biryani perfect?

Have you ever thought how Biryani was invented? Have you heard the story about Mumtaz and Shah Jahan? Mostly you would have known them for the Taj Mahal. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan's Queen, Mumtaz Mahal is reportedly thought to have inspired the dish in the 1600's. On a visit to the Indian army barracks, she found the soldiers heavily undernourished. She requested the chef to prepare something that combined both meat and rice and provided a balance of rich nutrition and protein. What the chef created was 'BIRYANI'.

Any way this was biryani in 1600's. What is biryani for you today? Just a meal, your favourite dish or an emotion? But when it comes to perfect biryani the thing that comes to our mind is Hyderabadi Dum Biryani. Dum Biryani a one-pot dish of aromatic spices and delightful flavours - a result from slow cooking the ingredients in a sealed, heavy bottomed vessel for hours. 'I Love Keva' is a multi-cuisine restaurant in Bhubaneswar which provides the perfect varieties of biryani to linger your taste buds.

As Biryani connects to the royal courts of the Mughal Empire, to make your royal experience better here, at I love Keva, we choose the best rice to bring out the perfect flavour and taste to add a royal feeling to your dining experience. We choose the best spices to tantalize your salivary glands.

'I Love Keva' is one of the best multi - cuisine restaurants in Bhubaneswar. Our venue is a treat for the senses. The exotic flavours, the tantalizing aromas, the limitless hospitality and impeccable service with artistic display. All come together in a tasteful harmony to tingle your taste buds.

We provide free Wi-Fi as well. Our restaurant provides fast home delivery and online food delivery across the nooks, corners and by lanes of Bhubaneswar. Have you heard about our 'Laila Majnu Biriyani'?